Graffiti Removal

Hydro Pressure Cleaning Services are graffiti removal cleaning experts.  Removing graffiti immediately is the most effective method to prevent reoccurrence.

View our photo gallery of graffiti removal examples.

We remove graffiti from surfaces using proven chemical formulas that break down all forms of graffiti. Don't be fooled by operators using harsh acids or abrasive blasting to remove graffiti, only to leave you with another bill to restore the affected area.

Hydro Pressure Cleaning Services operate commercial grade pressure cleaning equipment suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces providing fantastic end results.  Our machines are pressure adjustable and hot water (perfect for graffiti removal), and we have a large range of specialised fittings designed for maximising cleaning efficiency, results and safety. 

We do not charge by the hour, so this means you know exactly what costs to expect for the job, regardless of the time it takes us and the materials used.

Hydro Pressure Cleaning Services guarantee to complete all jobs to the highest level of satisfaction. Don’t wait until surfaces are attacked with multiple acts of graffiti vandalism.  We also offer Anti-Graffiti coating services.

We continuously build and develop long term customers because we continue to exceed their expectations.  Find out why our customer’s consider us No.1 in pressure cleaning services.  View our customer references that endorse our services, experience and high quality workmanship.